Starting With Fat

Nutrition - I have wanted to write on this topic for quite some time. I have touched on it before, but getting into the details can be overwhelming. There is so much I want to go into - I am sure it will take a few posts. As I write this I do not have... Continue Reading →

Raise Your Glass – Or Sports Bottle

Proper hydration is essential in endurance sports. There also is no linear formula for the "right" amount. Each person is different and trial and error tends to be the best way to determine the "right" amount. What to drink is also a question - water only? Combination of water and sports drink? Only sports drink?... Continue Reading →

Set Backs and Things To Come

Last I wrote I was under the weather with a terrible bout of allergies. Well, I am on the mend, but far from recovered. By last Wednesday I was back in the pool swimming, I ran on Thursday, and went to a spin class on Friday. After spin I swam, but was cut very short... Continue Reading →

Motivation and Purpose

Finding motivation is not always easy. After the tragedy at the Boston Marathon yesterday, it is hard to say be positive, but it is not difficult to find motivation. I haven't written in a while mostly because I have struggled quite a bit with sharing what I am going through each day. I will touch... Continue Reading →


This past week has been an eye opener for me in my training. All of my mantras and hard training are finally getting through to my thoughts and beliefs. In swimming I have seen my pace improve to the level that when I am swimming 100 meter repeats at race pace or better I expect... Continue Reading →

No Fooling

Yesterday morning I got my eight mile long run in before Easter festivities. I ran a bit faster than I usually do for my easy long runs, but I made sure I felt like it was a "working easy" pace. My course was the familiar hills in my neighborhood. After the run, I felt very... Continue Reading →

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