Rock and Roll Half Marathon USA

Today was a great day to run a half marathon. The rain stayed away and the wind was nonexistent. The course, however, was much hillier than I expected. A total of 30,000 runners participated in both the half and full marathon. Of that, just shy of 20,000 made up the half marathon race. It tookContinue reading “Rock and Roll Half Marathon USA”

Go With the Flow

This morning I went for a light shake out jog on an absolutely beautiful morning. It was a little cool, around 40 degrees, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Our hotel is close to the National Mall so I took advantage of running down to the Washington Monument. It is centrally located soContinue reading “Go With the Flow”

Grateful Groove

Traveling to a destination race sometimes is stressful – packing properly, getting to the airport on time, security, flying – none of which I had to deal with today. I drove from Cleveland to Washington DC with my friend (and running coach) and didn’t have to be concerned about time restraints or packing limitations. WeContinue reading “Grateful Groove”

Benefit of a Break

After taking a few days off from writing I am refreshed and ready to share what I have been up to. The weekend was wonderful – I celebrated my birthday with the best of friends as well as time with my father. The sun was shining bright without a cloud in the sky Saturday morningContinue reading “Benefit of a Break”

Health, Happiness, Good Friends, and Wet Noses

I have never been one to hide when my birthday is or be bothered by getting older. As my father has been known to say “it is a lot better than the alternative.” Yes, to be able to take another trip around the sun truly is a blessing and tomorrow is my birthday. Having aContinue reading “Health, Happiness, Good Friends, and Wet Noses”

A New Milestone

Wednesdays are my favorite swim days because we have the largest group swimming together. It is also the most crowded day in the pool overall, so we have to share lanes. I don’t mind, I am usually with a faster swimmer and it motivates me to swim faster. Today we tried something different – anContinue reading “A New Milestone”

A Glimpse at the Brighter Side

After writing a few posts of the trials going on in my life, I want to write today about the brighter side – my training. Today was my rest day, but the past week I have been swimming, cycling, and running quite a bit. First my swimming – last week was my first full weekContinue reading “A Glimpse at the Brighter Side”