New Year, New Ideas to Tri

I decided with 2012 to attempt a blog. Who knows how well it will go, but I would like to give it a try. Or should I say tri – as in triathlon. My focus for the blog is on my personal life and my activities. My greatest passion in my free time is training and participating in running and triathlon races. I am a middle of the packer – and I have just recently graduated to that position.  A good amount of my day outside of work is spent on training, so it will have a big place here. I also love to read and my latest book series have been centered around vampires. J.R. Ward is the author of The Black Dagger Brotherhood series I am currently reading, so a few vampires and other characters may also grace these pages. Enjoying life with friends and travel, which sometimes are combined, also are passions of mine and these adventures too will be a focus on my blog. So how is that for a trifecta? Triathlon, fun reading, and enjoying the best this world has – friends and places to travel.