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Half Full

After all I have been through and continue to experience this year, I truly didn’t think I would be racing a triathlon this year. Race season for most is over by now. As I write today, October 24th, there is a few inches of snow on the ground. See?


Back in the Spring I registered for races through November. The last race I did was a five mile race in early April. All of the remaining races I didn’t compete in. Except for the race that is coming up in November. I am registered for a half iron distance triathlon with Revolution 3 in Venice, Florida. I am not at the point to do a half, but I think I have an Olympic distance in me. Fortunately Rev3 has the option to drop to the shorter distance. Of course peer pressure,the good kind, helps. In a few weeks I will be heading down to Florida with five of my friends. Their encouragement has been the key to my motivation. Even if I were in peak shape, I would still be the slowest of the group. Since they are doing the half, I will finish in time to see and cheer for each of them at the finish. My turn to be the encourager!

My expectations are simple – have fun and finish. My swim is strong, how I will do on the bike and run will be determined. I have been able to ride outside a few times and it has gone well. My run is coming along, but building up the aerobic base I lost this year is going to take time. No worries – I am celebrating the fact I can do it.

As for “how am I” – the answer is undetermined as well. Recently I went to the Cleveland Clinic, a world renown hospital system, for a second opinion. They confirmed what my doctors at University Hospitals said – the source of the abdominal pain I am experiencing is unknown. The good news is I have tested negative for all of the bad things. As for treating the pain, the Clinic wants to try nerve blockers. I am not thrilled about long term medication to treat symptoms of an unknown cause. My doctors at UH think like I do and suggested alternative medicine first. I began acupuncture treatment yesterday – so far I have noticed an improvement. I am going in to this with an open mind and willingness to follow the plan. After all it is a 3,000 year old treatment, there has to be some benefits to it.

Some very good news – my running coach Heidi ran the Columbus Marathon this past weekend. She ran a personal best 2:42:08, qualified for the Olympic Time Trials B Standard, AND came in second! She is an incredible inspiration. (Not to mention wonderful coach and very dear friend.) Please check out her blog by clicking on her name and read her report of the race.

There may be snow on the ground (with a lake effect snow warning for the next 24 hours…) and I may not be completely pain free, but there is more to be encouraged by – I am getting out of here soon to race in Florida, what ever is going on inside of me I am still able to train and I am finding some relief. Half empty or half full? Half full for sure.