Metabolic Testing Review and Mental Challenge

This morning I met with my running coach to have my latest Cardio Point test done. The test measures my progress with the metabolic training I have been doing since July. The program is explained in my report fairly well: Your unique metabolic measurements create a personalized framework for your exercise program. Each zone isContinue reading “Metabolic Testing Review and Mental Challenge”

Metabolic Training and Reaching New Levels

This morning I went back to my gym to have my cardio point test redone. Last week my trainer wanted to try it with me running faster on a flat surface, which is much more like typical running. The results were difficult to compare to my previous tests, so this morning we were back toContinue reading “Metabolic Training and Reaching New Levels”

Without Limits

This morning I combined my scheduled tempo run with my cardio point assessment test. My trainer had scheduled a mile warm up, two to three miles tempo running in my zone 4 range, and then a mile cool down. Instead I did just under 3.7 miles with a mask on my face breathing into aContinue reading “Without Limits”

Heart of the Matter

Here is a little secret about my blogging style – the vast majority of my posts I write first, then decide what to title it. On a few occasions I come up with the title before I have written the post. Today is one of those days. I came close to waiting until I wasContinue reading “Heart of the Matter”

Time to Reassess

Every three to four months I have what is called a Cardio Point test done at my gym. It is an assessment of my aerobic and anaerobic zones. It measures my oxygen rate of utilization, how much I burn in fat and how much I burn in carbohydrates, my heart rate ranges for the fiveContinue reading “Time to Reassess”