New Way Of Looking At Things

For the past two weeks I have set out on Tuesday morning to swim a 3,000 meter swim speed workout and fell short. Two weeks ago I did not think to use my inhaler before a swim and started coughing early in. I only swam 1,200. Last week a leg cramp cut me short andContinue reading “New Way Of Looking At Things”


Autumn is by far my favorite season for running and today was a perfect autumn day. My running schedule today calls for 12 miles easy in zone two. I am running a 10K race on the towpath tomorrow morning so this run had to be easy. Where else to run on such a great dayContinue reading “Tapestry”

One Of Those Days

Every once in a while I just have one of those days – a normal, no complaints, no drama good day. Fortunately today was one of┬áthose┬ádays. After a relaxing vacation, a race, and a dog drama, having a normal day is not so boring after all. My day started, as my Tuesdays will now, withContinue reading “One Of Those Days”