An Endorphin Filled Day

Today was bookended by two really good workouts. This morning I went to spin class for an endurance workout that pushed close to my anaerobic threshold, but not quite. The workout is probably as close to road riding as it gets, I finished feeling that I really did put the miles in. My focus isContinue reading “An Endorphin Filled Day”


This has been a good week for swimming. On Tuesday I made it through the entire speed workout I have been building on and today I made it through the entire 3,000 meter endurance swim workout I have been working on completing over the past three weeks. After a 900 meter warm up I wentContinue reading “Charming”

Beautiful Day

As I have written before, autumn in my favorite season and mid-October is my favorite part of the season. It is cool enough to feel the crispness of the air, yet warm enough I don’t have to bundle up to run outside. The leaves are approaching their peak colors and the late afternoon sun isContinue reading “Beautiful Day”


Now that triathlon season is past, for the first time since May I don’t have a cycle workout scheduled this weekend. If it weren’t for a few chores I had to do today, I would have squeaked in a 12 to 15 mile ride. Since I only had time for one workout, and the marathonContinue reading “Change”