Frozen Isn’t So Bad

Over the past 36 hours I have swam 5,500 meters, ran 6.7 miles, and cycled 17.7 miles all under the roof of my gym. We are experiencing an extreme cold wave here in the Midwest with highs around 15. Running and cycling for me are best done inside. How some people are able to ride... Continue Reading →

Hometown Race

This morning I slept until 7:00, the first time I have ever slept that late on a race day with a morning race. Having picked up my bib yesterday and living four miles from the race start, there was not much preparation to do before a 9:00 gun time. The weather forecast was spot on... Continue Reading →

Blossoming Into Summer

After nearly six weeks of pampering my sprained ankle I ventured into the pool without an ankle brace. I also brought my fins for a kick set. I am back! My swim this morning was a very good one. I did my usual 1,000 meter warm up which included 200 meters of kicking. It felt... Continue Reading →

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