Spa Escape

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may have noticed that I have taken vacation right around the changing of the seasons. I was on a cruise in the Caribbean with a friend on the first day of spring and I was in the Bahamas with my family onContinue reading “Spa Escape”

Autumn Run

Today is the official first day of autumn – my favorite season. I welcomed in the changing of seasons with a run – 18 miles to be exact. Running in nature seemed appropriate so I went to the towpath to run. It also is much, much flatter than my neighborhood. The weather was perfect –Continue reading “Autumn Run”

Treadmill Hills and Getting Faster

When I map out runs or rides, I always look at the elevation changes. If I am training for a relatively flat race, like the California International Marathon (CIM), I do my best to avoid hills. Especially repeating, rolling hills. ¬†As I mature (err get older), I realize that I do not always know whatContinue reading “Treadmill Hills and Getting Faster”

Up To Pace

Last night my trainer emailed me my running plan for the month of September. Next week marks twelve weeks until the California International Marathon (CIM for short). I have two days of full rest after my triathlon before my running plan builds up. She set it to gradually build up so I will have timeContinue reading “Up To Pace”