Again, It Is About the Core

For the first time in two weeks I ran outside this morning and it felt wonderful. Yes, there was a light rain, but it did not deter me. I had a very easy run for 35 minutes staying in zone two. I was surprised I was able to keep my average heart rate at 134Continue reading “Again, It Is About the Core”

Back to the Core

My training must be paying off. When I woke up this morning my body was not as sore as I expected after running 16 miles yesterday. Of course I had some stiffness and my quads and hamstrings felt it, especially walking up stairs. But it was not any where as bad as what I haveContinue reading “Back to the Core”

To the Core

This week is my first full week with my new training plan. Monday mornings now begin with a 6:00 AM spin class. The class was set to mimic stage one of the 2012 Tour de France – the Prologue. This stage is 6.4 kilometers (just shy of 4 miles) done in time trial style withContinue reading “To the Core”