New Way Of Looking At Things

For the past two weeks I have set out on Tuesday morning to swim a 3,000 meter swim speed workout and fell short. Two weeks ago I did not think to use my inhaler before a swim and started coughing early in. I only swam 1,200. Last week a leg cramp cut me short andContinue reading “New Way Of Looking At Things”

Fleeting and Precious

For the past few weeks my Wednesday morning workout has been a speed run workout, which is a change from my old routine of swimming on Wednesdays. This morning I had a more intensified modification of the workout I have done twice, in fact the workout that showed my first serious signs of exercise inducedContinue reading “Fleeting and Precious”


Autumn is by far my favorite season for running and today was a perfect autumn day. My running schedule today calls for 12 miles easy in zone two. I am running a 10K race on the towpath tomorrow morning so this run had to be easy. Where else to run on such a great dayContinue reading “Tapestry”

One Of Those Days

Every once in a while I just have one of those days – a normal, no complaints, no drama good day. Fortunately today was one of┬áthose┬ádays. After a relaxing vacation, a race, and a dog drama, having a normal day is not so boring after all. My day started, as my Tuesdays will now, withContinue reading “One Of Those Days”