Make it Count

Since today is Friday, I met my training partner at the pool to swim. That is where our regular routine this summer changed a bit. First, it was raining, a rare occurrence this summer. As a result we swam in the indoor pool. Second, since we did a time trail on Wednesday, we swam whatContinue reading “Make it Count”

Forward Motion

One month ago today on July 8th I went to the pool to try out the Total Immersion method of swimming. Along the way I have seen improvement in my 100 meter pace, but the furthest I swam continuously was 550 meters in training – until this morning. My training partner and I scheduled todayContinue reading “Forward Motion”


Sometimes the weather forecast is completely off, sometimes spot on, and sometimes a little of both. Today was a little of both and it worked to my favor. I was awakened at 2:00 AM hearing loud and long thunder pass through. Lovely, and I am swimming in a lake today. Fortunately it passed and theContinue reading “Stronger”

Let the Games Begin

The day I have waited for is here. The opening of the Olympics. Just tomorrow the swimming events get underway too. What an exciting time. Go USA, Go World. I look forward to the records that will be broken, the narrow wins, and the moving medal ceremonies. As the days pass I am sure thereContinue reading “Let the Games Begin”