My Year in Review – Team Work

Running and triathlon for the most part are not considered team sports with the occasional exception of relay teams. Over the years I have approached training as an individual activity, primarily because I was slower in running and swimming than most of my friends. This year my experience has been much different. Through my writings... Continue Reading →

Influence of Friends

After reading the weather forecast last night for today, my friends and I decided to meet at 6:15 to swim and get our workout in before the storm was scheduled to hit. Yes, I did not have to work today, but I did not want to spend a day off stuck in snow and traffic.... Continue Reading →

The Difference

What a difference a day makes. A well know and frequently used phrase that is applicable to me today. After a good night of sleep I felt much better this morning, my headache was gone so I went to the pool. Sometimes I make firm plans to swim with others, sometimes I end up swimming... Continue Reading →

Time to Be a Friend

During my workouts and through the day I think of what I would like to blog about. This morning I had a good idea during my swim workout. While I was talking with a few ladies in the locker room I began to firm up the topic in my mind. Then the news hit this... Continue Reading →


The body's ability to adapt and mend is an amazing thing to behold. Eight days ago I ran a marathon, a week ago I was struggling to walk down hill, two days ago I swam 1,000 meters and was ready to finish, and today I went to spin class for an hour covering 20 miles... Continue Reading →

Quality Time

After nearly two weeks away from the pool, I jumped in this morning. As I drove to the pool and thought over my workout, the eager swimmer in me wanted to swim 3,000 meters. The practical recovering marathoner in me took over and talked myself into 2,000 meters. Then the relaxed gal in me who... Continue Reading →

Off to Napa

One thing I have learned from running marathons is running the next day, as painful as it is, is a great way to get the legs moving and help the healing process. So I headed out this morning for a twenty minute run - in San Francisco. For those unfamiliar with the city, it is... Continue Reading →

Buddy System

Yesterday I wrote about a very good swim workout that had a lot to do with swimming with my friend. We kept each other going and honest to the workout. In a comment, IowaTriBob¬†mentioned he missed a workout buddy. What a great word to use. Buddy. A quick Google search came up with this description... Continue Reading →

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