Perspective and Success

When I started training for my first marathon 13 years ago I started with absolutely no running base at all. I remember the thrill I had when I ran my first 9 mile training run. I couldn’t believe I was able to run (and walk a bit) that far. As my training progressed, I reachedContinue reading “Perspective and Success”

Twenty One and a Quarter Miles With Friends

This morning before my long run I went to the gym to have what is called a Calorie Point test done. The test measures my resting metabolic rate which calculates how many calories I burn doing nothing all day as well as how much I burn in fat and how much I burn in carbs.Continue reading “Twenty One and a Quarter Miles With Friends”

Rain or Treadmill? That is the Question

While the East Coast prepares for the “perfect storm”, we are having the most imperfect weather here in Ohio. The past two days have been cold and rainy. Not terrible for a day like yesterday when I had two indoor workouts planned. Terrible this morning when I headed out to run 20 miles. I hadContinue reading “Rain or Treadmill? That is the Question”

Mindful Run

Six weeks from today is the California International Marathon. That phrase also became one of my mantras today while I ran my 16 mile long run. My run this morning was one of my best longs runs ever. The day was was perfect for running – sunshine, low 50’s and little to no wind. AgainContinue reading “Mindful Run”

Surprises For My Long Run

Honesty and truthfulness are two core values I live by. With that said, I can not lie and must say when it came to today’s run, I was dreading it. The weather forecast called for 60% chance of rain and temperatures in the mid 60’s to lower 70’s – wet, humid, ugly day. What wasContinue reading “Surprises For My Long Run”

Autumn Run

Today is the official first day of autumn – my favorite season. I welcomed in the changing of seasons with a run – 18 miles to be exact. Running in nature seemed appropriate so I went to the towpath to run. It also is much, much flatter than my neighborhood. The weather was perfect –Continue reading “Autumn Run”

Roll With It

When life is too much, roll with it, baby Don’t stop and lose your touch, oh no, baby – Steve Winwood Mr. Winwood released Roll With It the year I graduated from college. And 24 years later I am here to tell you that I did just that – I rolled with it. Yesterday afternoonContinue reading “Roll With It”

A Few Hills To Strengthen My Mind

My long run today was scheduled to be 10 miles. While I prefer the flat towpath in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, it is at least a 30 minute drive to the trailhead I run from. I had so much I wanted to do around the house I opted to run from home. Since IContinue reading “A Few Hills To Strengthen My Mind”

A Long Run and a World Record

Today was absolutely lovely with plenty of sunshine and cooler temperatures in the low 70’s. I headed out on my long run for 10 miles. Quickly I learned that plenty of sunshine can make 72 degrees seem much hotter than I had thought. Over all my run went very well. The best part was thatContinue reading “A Long Run and a World Record”