Taking It Indoors

With today being day thirteen since my stomach virus hit, I can say somethings are returning to normal. My diet, however, is not. I am slowly working my normal food back in, but it is taking time. It is amazing the things we take for granted - like being able to digest food without pain... Continue Reading →

Finding Motivation

This morning I was back in the pool and was able to get 3,200 meters in. I swam with my friend who swims the same pace as I swim. We did a lot of 100 meter repeats - the goal was to maintain a set pace with only 5 seconds recovery for the first 10... Continue Reading →

Break Down to Break Through

I am getting into a routine on Sundays that I am liking quite a bit. My morning starts with my cycle workout my coach has given me. Today was for an hour but it was geared to mimic hill climbing. Something I need to spend time doing - the Syracuse 70.3 climbs 1,000 feet over... Continue Reading →


This morning I decided to skip swimming and just do my 70 minute easy run. My resting heart rate was still a little elevated, so I didn't want to over do it. Today is beautiful with plenty of sunshine. When I started out on my run it was still in the 30's but the cooler... Continue Reading →

Surprises For My Long Run

Honesty and truthfulness are two core values I live by. With that said, I can not lie and must say when it came to today's run, I was dreading it. The weather forecast called for 60% chance of rain and temperatures in the mid 60's to lower 70's - wet, humid, ugly day. What was... Continue Reading →

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