A Good Run Thanks To Chocolate

I slept in today and absolutely relished every extra minute of sleep. That said, when I took my resting heart rate when I woke up it was around 60 – which is elevated for me. Usually it is anywhere from 44 to 51. This is a sign of over worked and need for rest. BeingContinue reading “A Good Run Thanks To Chocolate”

The Need For Zzz’s

My goal is to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. When I do, I operate quite well with my busy schedule. Considering I usually wake up at 4:30, it has taken some time for me to develop the habit of getting to bed by 9:00 so I am asleep by 9:30. TheContinue reading “The Need For Zzz’s”


I have gone from counting down weeks until my marathon to counting down days. Eighteen. Once again perspective is everything. If I had to wait eighteen days for an order from Amazon I would think that is a very long time. Knowing I will be running 26.2 miles in eighteen days seems like it isContinue reading “Eighteen”

Hard Workout Day

This morning I had the first of a few weekly speed workouts leading up to the marathon. It was a challenging one too. After a warmup of a mile I went into a long speed run – 13 minutes at 8:15/mile pace. My goal was to get to 18 minutes – and it is stillContinue reading “Hard Workout Day”

Twenty One and a Quarter Miles With Friends

This morning before my long run I went to the gym to have what is called a Calorie Point test done. The test measures my resting metabolic rate which calculates how many calories I burn doing nothing all day as well as how much I burn in fat and how much I burn in carbs.Continue reading “Twenty One and a Quarter Miles With Friends”

My Anniversary

October 25th is a special day for me. In 1999 on this very date I ran my first marathon. Six months earlier I signed up with the Arthritis Foundation’s program Joints In Motion to run a marathon in Dublin, Ireland. I fund raised for the foundation and they trained me to run a marathon. LittleContinue reading “My Anniversary”

Feeling Sleepy

This morning was an easy run for 60 minutes in my zone two. With darkness and rain prevailing I had no trouble getting up and out to the gym. My run was good – five miles, time to read, and my heart rate averaged 131, within my zone 2. I felt energized and even hadContinue reading “Feeling Sleepy”

Endings and Beginnings

Still riding high on such a great experience yesterday, this morning I was up by 7:30 AM to get to the pool and swim. My legs are sore today, a sign I gave all I had in the race yesterday. But my legs were not sore enough to keep me from swimming. I really haven’tContinue reading “Endings and Beginnings”

What’s a Little Rain?

Even a wonderful vacation can have a few clouds. All day clouds have lingered and it has rained lightly off and on. Despite what my fellow blogger Iowatribob may be hoping, I still had a fabulous day. The scenery here is so beautiful, gray skies do not seem to interfere with autumn foliage. My dayContinue reading “What’s a Little Rain?”

Peaceful Day

Is it really possible to not have a care in the world? Probably not, but today sure was close. I actually almost feel guilty for being so relaxed. Quite a sad revelation. I came here to relax, that is what I am doing. So I will also commit to relaxing guilt free. Of course IContinue reading “Peaceful Day”