New Beginnings

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Semisonic Closing Time Semisonic released Closing Time in March of 1998 and on April 29, 1999 the song really hit a chord in my life. My new beginning began that day when I signed up to run my first marathon to raise funds for the Arthritis Foundation and... Continue Reading →


The body's ability to adapt and mend is an amazing thing to behold. Eight days ago I ran a marathon, a week ago I was struggling to walk down hill, two days ago I swam 1,000 meters and was ready to finish, and today I went to spin class for an hour covering 20 miles... Continue Reading →

A Few Things

Now that I am back home and getting fairly close to in my at home groove, it is time for change. Notice I did not say back in my routine, the routine keeps modifying - almost with the seasons. Today I started a few new things. As a dear friend says to me sometimes -... Continue Reading →


Travel is a passion of mine.  The actual activity of traveling however, can be hit or miss with me. Lately when I fly, my return journey home has involved less than pleasurable activities. Food poisoning tops the list and that has happened to me twice the day I left. The more common occurrences have involved... Continue Reading →


This morning we left Napa Valley by 7:15 in the morning to head back to San Francisco. My flight out of SFO was scheduled to leave at 10:30. All maps, GPS guides, and the hotel agreed - the drive is 1:45 and I should make it in plenty of time. Well, the drive took 3:30... Continue Reading →

Napa Valley Continued

I woke up this morning feeling a little less sore than yesterday. My friend is also a recreational runner, so I got her up and we went for a thirty minute run. It really felt good to get out, run without inhibition, and enjoy the scenery. My legs got into the groove quickly as we... Continue Reading →

Trust Believe Run

I made it to Sacramento safely and on time. Actually a little early. My rental car pick up went smoothly and I found the hotel easily last night. So far all is going well. This morning I ran easy for 15 minutes just to get the blood flowing in my legs. It was raining and... Continue Reading →

Contingency Plans

This morning my run workout was thirty minutes easy, shake out the legs. I was able to run right within my desired race pace and keep my heart rate right in zone two. Two days before a marathon, this should make me happy. While I am happy at my progress, I still have feeling of... Continue Reading →

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