Metabolic Testing Review and Mental Challenge

This morning I met with my running coach to have my latest Cardio Point test done. The test measures my progress with the metabolic training I have been doing since July. The program is explained in my report fairly well: Your unique metabolic measurements create a personalized framework for your exercise program. Each zone isContinue reading “Metabolic Testing Review and Mental Challenge”

Little Things Making a Big Difference

This morning I started off with a 4 mile easy run – outside. Oh, it was wonderful. We are having a bit of an Indian Summer – or at least one last hurrah of mild weather before the snow falls. Fortunately I do not have any problems with my asthma running outside. While the temperatureContinue reading “Little Things Making a Big Difference”

Twenty One and a Quarter Miles With Friends

This morning before my long run I went to the gym to have what is called a Calorie Point test done. The test measures my resting metabolic rate which calculates how many calories I burn doing nothing all day as well as how much I burn in fat and how much I burn in carbs.Continue reading “Twenty One and a Quarter Miles With Friends”

Metabolic Training and Reaching New Levels

This morning I went back to my gym to have my cardio point test redone. Last week my trainer wanted to try it with me running faster on a flat surface, which is much more like typical running. The results were difficult to compare to my previous tests, so this morning we were back toContinue reading “Metabolic Training and Reaching New Levels”

Improving Metabolism

In reviewing my training log, I have not taken two days of rest in a row since May 17th and 18th – right before the Cleveland Half Marathon and I had a bug that gave me a low grade fever. I even swam the day after the race. Taking two days of rest after thisContinue reading “Improving Metabolism”