Yet Still I Learn

Last night when I went to bed I knew I was not going to swim this morning. I was feeling fatigued and opted for a little extra sleep. Even after eight hours of sleep, I woke this morning wishing I could go back to bed. I do not hurt, my body temperature is normal, andContinue reading “Yet Still I Learn”

Feeling Sleepy

This morning was an easy run for 60 minutes in my zone two. With darkness and rain prevailing I had no trouble getting up and out to the gym. My run was good – five miles, time to read, and my heart rate averaged 131, within my zone 2. I felt energized and even hadContinue reading “Feeling Sleepy”


This has been a good week for swimming. On Tuesday I made it through the entire speed workout I have been building on and today I made it through the entire 3,000 meter endurance swim workout I have been working on completing over the past three weeks. After a 900 meter warm up I wentContinue reading “Charming”

The Day Before

The day before a race, especially a triathlon, brings a mix of feelings. Ideally it should be a day of rest with mild activity. There are many things to do to prepare for the race the next day along with managing nerves. This morning I slept in until 7:00, usually I sleep later, but myContinue reading “The Day Before”

Passions and Priorities

A common thread I have been reading recently in triathlon blogs is about wanting to train but circumstances are getting in the way. It is frustrating when something that is a passion is out of reach often due to situations out of our control. One person travels quite a bit for work and is determinedContinue reading “Passions and Priorities”

Run, Rest, and The Great Gatsby

A popular topic lately among several triathlon blogs I follow centers around rest, lack there of, when, and determining how often. Listening to my body is a great way, but unfortunately it can be a lagging indicator (stealing a word from my professional life…). By the time my body is telling me it needs rest,Continue reading “Run, Rest, and The Great Gatsby”

Learning to Rest

Something is wrong when I get 10 hours of great sleep, walk two miles on my treadmill and feel guilty that I didn’t work hard enough. Ah, “active rest” days can be stressful to an on the go Type A. Saturdays are my active rest day, due to the cold and blowing snow this morningContinue reading “Learning to Rest”