A Swim To Believe In

My swim workout this morning would have to fall in line with my mantra Believe. I mentioned earlier this month that I wanted to be able to consistently break 2:00 on my 100 meter repeats. Now in all fairness this was said in reference to the workout where I swim 19 x 100 meters. WhileContinue reading “A Swim To Believe In”

Make it Count

Since today is Friday, I met my training partner at the pool to swim. That is where our regular routine this summer changed a bit. First, it was raining, a rare occurrence this summer. As a result we swam in the indoor pool. Second, since we did a time trail on Wednesday, we swam whatContinue reading “Make it Count”

Forward Motion

One month ago today on July 8th I went to the pool to try out the Total Immersion method of swimming. Along the way I have seen improvement in my 100 meter pace, but the furthest I swam continuously was 550 meters in training – until this morning. My training partner and I scheduled todayContinue reading “Forward Motion”

Great Expectations

It would be fair to say that I set expectations for my performance on the high side within my ability. This morning I learned that I have no problem increasing my expectations when my ability is greater than I had expected. As most Wednesday mornings start, I met my training partner at the gym toContinue reading “Great Expectations”

Little Improvements

After a week of training by myself I had a very nice treat today. My training partner, fresh  from vacation, joined me on both my workouts today. This morning we swam 2,500 meters. It was the first time she had seen me do my superman kick drills. I am not making her do them soContinue reading “Little Improvements”

Superman Training

This morning I tried out a few of the lessons I learned from the Total Immersion DVD I watched last night. I am working on a slower, longer stroke. My tempo trainer is set at 1.2 seconds. Believe it or not, that is longer than one would think. As slow as I think my arms are moving,Continue reading “Superman Training”

Slowing Down To Go Faster

I never thought running in 80 degree weather would be considered a cooler run, but that was the case this morning. The high yesterday was around 105 so starting out my run this morning when it was 75 degrees did seem cool. The sun was bright and by the time I finished it was aboutContinue reading “Slowing Down To Go Faster”

Immersed in Moonrise Kingdom

This morning we swam a 1,500 meter time trial in the pool. It wasn’t my best and it wasn’t my worst. Of the five I have done this year it was right in the middle. I am a bit frustrated because I worked hard on turnover – I used my tempo trainer and set itContinue reading “Immersed in Moonrise Kingdom”