Lessons From College, Friends, and a Walkman

I went to a rather competitive college – both athletically and academically. Despite the state I live in, I am a Michigan Wolverine through and through. A couple things I learned in college was to make a friend in every class and to listen to my Walkman (yes, it was the 80’s, no iPods yet)Continue reading “Lessons From College, Friends, and a Walkman”

Believe I Am Able

I have written in the past about pre-race nerves – before running races. Triathlon brings a whole new bundle of issues. Three disciplines require much more equipment – goggles, wet suit, towels, bike, bike shoes, gloves, helmet, bike pump, sunglasses, socks, race belt, running shoes, sun screen, lip balm, sports drink, sports gel, hat orContinue reading “Believe I Am Able”

Into Every Life A Little Poison Ivy May Grow

This morning I had a great five mile run. Everything was in alignment. The temperature was in the low 50’s, the sun was rising, no wind, my easy pace was right where it should be and my heart rate stayed in my mid to low zone three. I don’t know what changed that my heartContinue reading “Into Every Life A Little Poison Ivy May Grow”

National Running Day and A Gift Day

With today being National Running Day, I started the day off the way any triathlete would – I swam. Today was an endurance swim workout with a total of 2,500 meters. I used my beeping tempo trainer and I am getting closer to the tempo I should have. What I am noticing is an improvedContinue reading “National Running Day and A Gift Day”

Run, Rest, and The Great Gatsby

A popular topic lately among several triathlon blogs I follow centers around rest, lack there of, when, and determining how often. Listening to my body is a great way, but unfortunately it can be a lagging indicator (stealing a word from my professional life…). By the time my body is telling me it needs rest,Continue reading “Run, Rest, and The Great Gatsby”

Road Hazards and Rainbows

Today turned out better than expected. The forecast called for rain, but it held off until late in the day. I was able to get in a good ride and run after for yet another brick workout. The wind was a factor, a big factor. My ride today was along the roads in the CuyahogaContinue reading “Road Hazards and Rainbows”