June Goals and Planetary Alignment

June is here and it is truly feeling like summer. I took a look at my goals for May to see how I am progressing. As usual, the goals I had complete control over were accomplished. I wanted to cycle three times a week and I am keeping to it. My goal for swimming isContinue reading “June Goals and Planetary Alignment”

Details, Battle Marks, and Joy

This morning was perfect for a run – 52 degrees, no wind, light cloud coverage as the sun peeks through. I ran five miles as an easy run. Living where I do, “easy” means running a bit slower through hills. I was happy with my easy pace but even more so with my heart rate.Continue reading “Details, Battle Marks, and Joy”

Warm Summer Sounds

It is amazing how warm weather and the opening of outdoor pools ushers summer in regardless of the calendar. Instinctively I have adapted to my “summer routine”. Tuesdays are my run days – either speed work or tempo in the morning. My afternoons are weight lifting. Same as last week, what is different is IContinue reading “Warm Summer Sounds”

Zzzzzz Or Lack There Of

I have written before on the importance of sleep. My inspiration to write on sleep comes when I suffer from deprivation of it, such as today. Last night I had the opportunity to have dinner with a new friend and I was out later than usual for a week night. Here comes the pathetic partContinue reading “Zzzzzz Or Lack There Of”

That Sweet Sweet Smell of Chlorine

There is nothing that sparks an instant thought as the smell of chlorine on my skin. Today at work I rested my chin in my hand and smelled the chlorine and¬†immediately images of swimming and the pool flashed in my mind. I sent a text to my training partner to share the experience with herContinue reading “That Sweet Sweet Smell of Chlorine”

Training the Forrest Gump Way

My friend has given me swim workouts and is somewhat of a coach to me, or drill sergeant if you will. Yesterday he told me to pace myself on my swim intervals with the last being the fastest. This morning I swam 2,500 meters and chose a workout that finished with a fast 200 andContinue reading “Training the Forrest Gump Way”