Heart of the Matter

Here is a little secret about my blogging style – the vast majority of my posts I write first, then decide what to title it. On a few occasions I come up with the title before I have written the post. Today is one of those days. I came close to waiting until I wasContinue reading “Heart of the Matter”

An Aquatic Day

After five days in a row of running, today was an off day. Of course I chose to cross train and I swam. My legs are feeling the fatigue from running 15 miles of rolling hills yesterday, so a swim was a nice break for my legs. This morning I swam 3,000 meters with theContinue reading “An Aquatic Day”


Now that triathlon season is past, for the first time since May I don’t have a cycle workout scheduled this weekend. If it weren’t for a few chores I had to do today, I would have squeaked in a 12 to 15 mile ride. Since I only had time for one workout, and the marathonContinue reading “Change”

Time and More Milestones

My run this morning was for 60 minutes with the goal of staying in my zone 2. I didn’t want to run in the dark and keep monitoring my heart rate, so I opted for the treadmill at the gym. Unlike the variety of the intervals yesterday, I prepared myself for the potential boredom ofContinue reading “Time and More Milestones”

Treadmill Hills and Getting Faster

When I map out runs or rides, I always look at the elevation changes. If I am training for a relatively flat race, like the California International Marathon (CIM), I do my best to avoid hills. Especially repeating, rolling hills. ¬†As I mature (err get older), I realize that I do not always know whatContinue reading “Treadmill Hills and Getting Faster”

Improving Metabolism

In reviewing my training log, I have not taken two days of rest in a row since May 17th and 18th – right before the Cleveland Half Marathon and I had a bug that gave me a low grade fever. I even swam the day after the race. Taking two days of rest after thisContinue reading “Improving Metabolism”

The Day After Feeling

After a long night of rest and sleep I feel much better today. Being an analytical person, I am narrowing down what could be the culprit in my little “issues” during the race yesterday. About a month ago I changed electrolyte supplements in favor of one higher in sodium. I have be rigid about takingContinue reading “The Day After Feeling”