70.3 Miles Behind Me

I was up by 5:00 this morning to get ready for the race. By 5:25 I received a tweet from the race organizers “The swim is ON. Gorgeous calm morning.” And they were telling the truth. Lake Erie was smooth as glass. It was a bit chilly in the air, but the water was 74Continue reading “70.3 Miles Behind Me”

Getting Rev’d Up The Day Before

There are two words a triathlete does not want to hear the day before a race: riptide warning. Storms came through last night and the lake was literally on a roll. The practice swim was cancelled entirely. There was a sprint tri and a kids tri scheduled for this morning. Those races turned into aContinue reading “Getting Rev’d Up The Day Before”

Travel To Tri

As a storm system moved in from the west this afternoon, I headed out driving right through it. The drive should be about an hour and a half to Sandusky from where I live. The rain wasn’t too bad and I made it in about 1:45. Revolution 3, or Rev3 for short, organizes very familyContinue reading “Travel To Tri”

The Start Of The Lasts

Today starts the “lasts” before my race. This morning was my last pool swim workout before the race. I will get some open water swimming in on Saturday when I get up to the race area. But my last pool lap workout was today. I swam 1,000 meters easy. Nothing hard, yet my pace wasContinue reading “The Start Of The Lasts”

Up To Pace

Last night my trainer emailed me my running plan for the month of September. Next week marks twelve weeks until the California International Marathon (CIM for short). I have two days of full rest after my triathlon before my running plan builds up. She set it to gradually build up so I will have timeContinue reading “Up To Pace”

Running Down Butterflies

When I started training for my first marathon, I was starting with no running base at all. The training schedule that my coach had given me showed increasing distances with the long run getting longer by a mile or two each week. The thought of running nine miles was daunting, let alone 18 to 20Continue reading “Running Down Butterflies”

Country Roads

This morning I did my last brick workout before the race. My ride was 30 miles – relatively easy but it is in my hilly neighborhood. I looked at the total elevation gained along the rolling hills – 1,493 feet. I averaged 15.7 miles per hour, considering it is taper week and I should beContinue reading “Country Roads”

Appreciating Days

It is the end of August – the year is two thirds over and with Labor Day weekend, summer is unofficially over. One more week until my race, which marks the end of triathlon season for me. Wow, time is just flashing by. My taper is in full swing, I swam 2,000 meters this morning.Continue reading “Appreciating Days”