A Swim To Believe In

My swim workout this morning would have to fall in line with my mantra Believe. I mentioned earlier this month that I wanted to be able to consistently break 2:00 on my 100 meter repeats. Now in all fairness this was said in reference to the workout where I swim 19 x 100 meters. WhileContinue reading “A Swim To Believe In”

A Few Hills To Strengthen My Mind

My long run today was scheduled to be 10 miles. While I prefer the flat towpath in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, it is at least a 30 minute drive to the trailhead I run from. I had so much I wanted to do around the house I opted to run from home. Since IContinue reading “A Few Hills To Strengthen My Mind”

A Beautiful Day Outside

Training for a half iron distance triathlon definitely gives me hours of time each week outside. When I am riding or running I do my best to take in the beauty of my surroundings. I have always found the landscapes of this world the most beautiful works of art. It could be a completely naturalContinue reading “A Beautiful Day Outside”

Strong Mind Strong Body

This may be one of my latest posts since I started blogging, but I do not want to miss a day, so I am just squeaking in. Sometimes being with a friend and sharing time with someone important to you trumps other commitments – weight lifting, blogging, getting to bed early… And that is whatContinue reading “Strong Mind Strong Body”

Speed in My Feet and a Seed in My Mind

Maybe it is just the running community I am used to, but I think most runners designate Tuesdays as speed workout days. I looked it up online and found over 6,500 results for all three words “Tuesday speed workouts”. It has been ingrained in me for thirteen years now, so this morning I ran myContinue reading “Speed in My Feet and a Seed in My Mind”